Iseult Duncombe
Iseult Duncombe French-speaking teacher


Born in France, I grew up between Bourgogne and Paris, and developed a passion for travel and the discovery of new and different cultures. After my Master’s graduation in English language, I moved naturally to England where I started my career as a language assistant, which enhanced my passion to teach children. Then, I lived 12 years in New York where I successfully received a bilingual education diploma, and taught a bilingual program in a public school in Brooklyn. 

My teaching approach is based on progressive theory in which student is at the heart of his learning environment. I endeavour to create appealing and personalised programs, in a warm environment, representative of my students in their diversity. La Petite Ecole project is in line with my pedagogy, and I can’t wait to join the pedagogical team for 2022 Back-to-School, as well as discovering Vietnam.