EFI Casablanca

The EFI Casablanca School

The EFI Casablanca is is a dedicated international French school that follows the French curriculum and holds official recognition through a collaborative agreement between the French and Moroccan governments. The school operates in partnership with the Cultural Department of the French Embassy in Morocco (SCAC) and holds the endorsement of the French Ministry of Education. The school is meticulously designed to cater to students’ needs. Spanning across 13,500 square meters, the EFI campus comprises three contemporary architectural buildings. It offers distinct areas for nursery, primary and secondary schools, as well as a high school, in addition to state-of-the-art scientific, cultural, and sports facilities.

The school opened in September 2017 for primary school pupils, in 2018 for secondary pupils, and in September 2021 for high school pupils.

The school comprises:

1 modern 13,500 m2 campus

Modern classrooms with digital equipment

2 libraries and 1 media library

2 dining rooms

1 large multi-sports hall

3 large secure playgrounds

We also make sure that the EFI is a living space and a caring environment, where your children will have fun and always be eager to go to school. Whether through classes or extra-curricular activities, the teaching and management team are committed to providing a respectful and fulfilling environment at all times. And to achieve this, beyond qualifications and experience, we rely on our motivated, open, attentive and international team.
Christophe Gachet Headmaster

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