International Nursery


Our teaching methods are based on a child-centered education, so children’s well-being, safety and happiness are fundamental to our educational approach.

Our nursery curriculum is similar to that of the French preschool education system. Our work focuses on four key skill areas, which we adapt to the children’s academic pace.

The daily schedules of our nursery are designed to allow the youngest children to adapt well to life in a community and to ensure class activities run smoothly.


We use differentiated instruction in all our classes to respond to the academic pace and needs of each child, and to allow them to flourish. Nursery pupils therefore work on projects similar to children in the first year of preschool (PS), but with activities adapted to their different abilities. Work methods, activity content, games and spaces are also adapted to different pupils.


Combined with our nursery curriculum, each nursery group has a teaching assistant, who facilitates the implementation of those specific settings for the little ones and provides assistance to the children combined. An adaptation period is always considered for new children entering our nursery.

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