An environment conducive for child development

Within the loving family framework provided by La Petite Ecole, children play, develop, learn, and evaluate themselves. The school’s exceptional environment, with its natural, and peaceful setting, and its in-house sports facilities, is an additional asset. The school is not only where initial learning takes place, but also actively contributes to futher development of the child.

In light of the teachings of neuroscience, we now know that fully relaxed children learn better. La Petite Ecole makes every effort to guarantee each child’s well-being by providing the greatest assistance that suits their requirements.


Children need support to discover their emotions. At La Petite Ecole, we do not try to hide or hold back our emotions, providing our pupils with the tools required to learn to recognise, accept, express and manage these emotions.


From a young age, children need support to grow, overcome obstacles and persevere. They are highly dependent on those around them, who give them, the confidence and self-esteem to progress. At La Petite Ecole, we believe that teaching children to value themselves as individuals is the greatest gift an adult can give them. Parents and teachers must therefore constantly show their children that they believe in their ability to improve and overcome difficulties.


To this end, our philosophy fully integrates mistakes into the learning process: our teaching team is trained to value the process and efforts of pupils, rather than the result. Children are encouraged to do things for themselves, experiment and try things out.

La Petite Ecole, a small-scale, caring and joyful school!

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