École Française Internationale de Tirana

The EFIT School

Established in 2011, the École Française Internationale de Tirana (EFIT) has experienced rapid growth. Presently, it caters to 126 students, spanning from preschool to secondary school. Over the years, the institution has seen a continuous increase in its staff team, with an impressive growth of over 20% in 2020.

In September 2019, the school proudly inaugurated its new premises, strategically situated in the bustling Tirana East Gate district, home to several other prestigious international schools. These new facilities are spacious, well-lit, and impeccably equipped.

EFIT stands as the sole French school in Albania officially endorsed by the French Ministry of Education, extending its recognition up to the 5th year of primary school – Cycle 3 (CM2). For secondary education (from 6th grade onwards), we employ a curriculum based on the courses offered by the National Center for Distance Learning (CNED). These courses are administered on-site by our team of dedicated educational assistants.

Being a part of the French Foreign Education Agency (AEFE) network, our school is one of 522 worldwide institutions, making it unique in its mission to ensure schools’ adherence to French educational standards, curricula, and organizational guidelines. Additionally, any student from EFIT has the opportunity to continue their education in any school in France or within the global AEFE network without the necessity of an admission examination (subject to availability).

With our passionate and dedicated teaching team, we are committed to providing every student with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. We offer a holistic education that embraces European and global perspectives. Our mission is to propagate the French language and culture within a secular, multilingual, and intercultural educational framework.

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