Chloé Roddier
Chloé Roddier Communications and Marketing (France)


Passionate about travel and cinema, I discovered the world for a long time through films and their many stories. As soon as I was old enough, I took my backpack and set off to truly travel:  I was able to study in Sweden, discover Argentina, Japan and above all, explore Southeast Asia! It was during this trip that I was able to visit Vietnam and learn about its culture, its effervescence and the optimism of life that reigns there. Thus, after graduating from a business school and working for 5 years in Paris, I decided to come and settle in Ho-Chi-Minh City! With experience in marketing and communication in entertainment, I am now delighted to be able to join La Petite École in order to contribute at my level to the development and well-being of its students and to the extension and strengthening of communication links with parents