Each school year, the teaching team agrees on a theme to unite all the classes at La Petite École French International School. The theme for 2022-2023 is an artistic world tour! The arts play an important role in the students' daily lives and take many forms: visual art, sound art (music), architectural art, language art (writing, oral expression), performing art (shows), and everyday art. All children are exposed to these different art forms every week in order to awaken their curiosity and develop their creativity.

The project of a mural painting in the playground of the elementary school has naturally found its place this year with the help of the artist Hoang and an artistic and cultural center called Le Petit Musée. The objective was to highlight the marine fauna and flora of Vietnam. After Hoang prepared the walls, each elementary class was able to complete the mural painting by adding other animals or plants. This was an opportunity for the students to identify and name the different elements, to understand and try different artistic techniques and also to learn more about Hoang's environmentally-engaged work in the protection of animal and plant species.

Come and admire this mural painting from closer during our next Open Day on Saturday, June 3rd (link to register here: bit.ly/3ZLfvio) and you will be able to discover our school as well as see the signature of all our budding artists! Thanks again to the artist Hoang and Le Petit Musée for contributing to this joint artistic work at La Petite Ecole!