The people we meet, the locations we visit, and the conversations we have shape who we are. This begins at a very young age. This is what led me to work in education: passionate teachers who made me want to do this job, a multilingual family-friendly environment and the need to share knowledge, experiences and expertise.

After teaching in France for five years, I had the opportunity to live abroad for the first time, moving to Mongolia in 2014 to help open the first French school in Ulan Bator. This management experience then led me to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where I was tasked with developing the school’s language teaching provision and the secondary school project. I subsequently traveled to Hong Kong to oversee an overhaul at the school from an educational and administrative point of view.

Our primary goal has always been to make students want to come to school by offering them a safe, caring environment, a diverse and compelling learning experience, and the chance to stimulate their curiosity. Families must also be prioritised in order to ensure happiness and success, because we will achieve more together.

I am thrilled to be joining the La Petite Ecole team in Vietnam, one of my home countries. I am excited to continue expanding existing programs and developing new ones with the Vietnam team. I will be as passionate, dynamic and dedicated as I was in my previous roles.

Aline Nguyen – Headmistress of La Petit Ecole Ho Chi Minh

I am honored to run an establishment like this and to support each of our pupils as they develop personally and academically.
Aline Nguyen Headmistress of La Petit Ecole Ho Chi Minh


I went back to my country of origin for a short experience and ended up staying there for over ten years. My children were born here and I settled in nicely in both my professional and private lives.

I studied to become a special-needs teacher and have worked in several institutions in France (including homes for children in difficulty or from disadvantaged backgrounds). I oversaw groups of children in a nursery in HCM before becoming a nursery manager, and then later a general administrative manager.

My role is primarily focused on the human being, hence the need to show empathy and warmth and be caring towards both children and their families. I am delighted to take on the role of Executive Director and Chief Administrative and Accounting Officer this year.

Tâm Nguyen
Tâm Nguyen Executive Director of La Petit Ecole Ho Chi Minh

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